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Certified Holistic Nutritionist and health coach with a strong passion to help others get to the root cause of their health challenges.


Hi, I'm Staci

I'm excited you're here!

I became a nutritionist because of my own health challenges and was sick of being told everything is “fine”, “Everything looks normal '', “It’s just anxiety”. My health took a major turn 6.5 years ago when I was constantly dizzy, light headed, bloated, extremely anxious, suffering from panic attacks; and the list goes on! It got so bad that I started to not be able to leave my house, as it would amplify my symptoms and leave me with the constant fear that I would pass out because of how I constantly felt. Once I had a panic attack in my own home, I no longer felt safe anywhere, and my freedom was completely stripped. I had no idea what was happening to my body and no doctors were giving me answers. 

It wasn't until I saw a Holistic Chiropractor that I am forever blessed by. He made me feel like I wasn't alone, that I wasn't just making these symptoms up in my head, and that I was really feeling it all because of what was happening internally. I was battling major gut dysfunction, hormonal imbalance, blood sugar imbalance, and unresolved trauma.  By cleaning up my body, facing the trauma head on, eating a nutrient dense diet filled with whole foods, detoxing with whole food supplements and herbs, my body finally began to heal. It took time (a lot of time) but, I didn't care.   I was determined to heal and that's just what my body began to do!

By battling my way through my health journey, it opened my eyes to the fact that so many others could be fighting the same fight and they needed to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! This ignited my passion for learning about my own health challenges and root causes and led me to enrolling myself into school to become a holistic nutritionist.  This passion pushed me even further where I then enrolled to become a holistic health coach to better my skills and broaden my knowledge as a nutritionist on how to help others succeed in discovering the root cause of their symptoms. 

I created this program to help you put the puzzle pieces together and to get your life back! 

Training In:
Functional Lab Analysis 
Integrative and Functional Nutrition

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